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The Journey Vol. 1 cover by The-Coop The Journey Vol. 1 cover :iconthe-coop:The-Coop 4 1 Silius 0373 back by The-Coop Silius 0373 back :iconthe-coop:The-Coop 0 0 Silius 0373 cover by The-Coop Silius 0373 cover :iconthe-coop:The-Coop 1 0 An OverClocked Christmas v.10 cover by The-Coop An OverClocked Christmas v.10 cover :iconthe-coop:The-Coop 0 0 An OverClocked Christmas v.9 cover by The-Coop An OverClocked Christmas v.9 cover :iconthe-coop:The-Coop 3 0
Mature content
'Twas XV: Stepping to a New Rhythm :iconthe-coop:The-Coop 0 0
SEGA-16 R-Type banner by The-Coop SEGA-16 R-Type banner :iconthe-coop:The-Coop 2 0 SEGA-16 Insector-X banner 2 by The-Coop SEGA-16 Insector-X banner 2 :iconthe-coop:The-Coop 2 0
'Twas XIV: One More Story, Grampa.
'Twas the night before Christmas
in an unknown town,
and an old man nicknamed “Coop”
had sat himself down.
He'd gotten his mail and through
it all he did sift,
and each bill-like letter
made him look a bit miffed.
He set them aside
and chose instead to read through
the cards he'd been sent that had
pictures in them too.
Ones with friends he hadn't seen
for quite a long while.
Seeing those old faces with
fam'lies made him smile.
Some cards let him know who
was still hanging around,
while others let him know
who was now in the ground.
Such things were the norm when one
reached his advanced years.
But his mem'ries of them helped
him through any tears.
At the end of each card was,
“Merry Christmas Coop!”
A name he had earned
from a mishap with the group
of friends he grew up with
who were there on the day
the chickens his parents owned
had all run away.
He'd left the chicken coop door
open by mistake,
and quite a bit of trouble
is what it did make.
For two days, he
:iconthe-coop:The-Coop 0 0
June Is Boss Month sig #14: The Legend Of Spyro by The-Coop June Is Boss Month sig #14: The Legend Of Spyro :iconthe-coop:The-Coop 4 0 June Is Boss Month sig #13: Shaq-Fu by The-Coop June Is Boss Month sig #13: Shaq-Fu :iconthe-coop:The-Coop 2 0 June Is Boss Month sig #12: Darius by The-Coop June Is Boss Month sig #12: Darius :iconthe-coop:The-Coop 0 0 June Is Boss Month sig #11: Earthworm Jim by The-Coop June Is Boss Month sig #11: Earthworm Jim :iconthe-coop:The-Coop 0 0 June Is Boss Month sig #10: Street Fighter Alpha 2 by The-Coop June Is Boss Month sig #10: Street Fighter Alpha 2 :iconthe-coop:The-Coop 2 2 June Is Boss Month sig #9: Hexen by The-Coop June Is Boss Month sig #9: Hexen :iconthe-coop:The-Coop 1 0 June Is Boss Month sig #8: Dungeons and Dragons by The-Coop June Is Boss Month sig #8: Dungeons and Dragons :iconthe-coop:The-Coop 0 0


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The Journey Vol. 1 cover
This is a cover I made for myself and the album I released last year. Rather than go with pixel art, I chose to do this one a bit more traditionally. I drew out the design first, scanned it in and then began shading it in a way that's pretty similar to how I shade things when using graphite. The various things featured in the image reflect scenes from the novels I'm writing, which in turn were the inspirations for the songs on the album. Both this and album took a good while to finish, but the end result was worth it.

The album can be bought here...…

Artwork and "The Journey Vol. 1" © me
Silius 0373 back
This is the back cover for the album art I made for Sir_NutS' "Journey to Silius" remix album, "Silius 0373." Like the cover, I drew this first and scanned it in. Once again, I kept the colors locked to the NES color palette and to what colors were used in the game. Basically, this is a close up of the small poster that's on the cover.

Silius 0373 © Michael "Sir_Nuts" Molina
Journey to Silius © Sunsoft
Artwork © me
Silius 0373 cover
I was hired by an artist named Sir_NutS to create a cover for his remix album "Silius 0373," which featured remixes of all of the music from the game, "A Journey to Silius" for the NES. He wanted something that reflected the atmosphere of the game and his music, and left it up to me to come up with an idea. I decided to create a landscape that was reminiscent of aspects of the game (colors, background features, etc.), while keeping it confined to the NES color palette and the colors used in the game. I drew most of it by hand first, scanned it in and then began recreating it in pixel form. It went through a number of changes as it was made, but the end result feels like it would be right at home in a cinema from the game.

Silius 0373 © Michael "Sir_Nuts" Molina
Journey to Silius © Sunsoft
Cover art © me
An OverClocked Christmas v.10 cover
After two albums with me as the artist, director and a remixer, Dyne returned to help with the tenth iteration of the AOCC. Sadly, things came up and he ended up being away much of the time, which meant I was basically in charge again. I chose to go back to something with a bit of humor, and with Kirby celebrating a birthday, this idea seemed like the one to go with (I only found out about the birthday thing after I'd already started this). Grabbed a Kirby and Santa sprite, a few Kirby backgrounds, and I dug up an image of Santa's workshop online. With those things gotten, I set about editing everything (especially the building) and giving it all a new light source. With some new stuff added (snow, presents, the "sucking" effect, etc.), this was all set to go.

Original Kirby and background sprites © HAL Laboratory and Nintendo
Santa sprite © Funcom
The rest © me
An OverClocked Christmas v.9 cover
Like AOCC v.8, I was the director for this album, as well as the art handler and a remixer. For this album, I wanted to do something a bit more sincere and less humorous. So, I grabbed a background from Robocop VS Terminator on the SEGA Genesis and did some pretty heavy editing to the buildings and such. I made a lamppost for the street, grabbed a small bush from a little known PC game called Iron Blood (check it out... it's fun) and found a couple of pictures with someone walking across the street in winter. After editing it all up so that the lamppost was the light source and adding all sorts of little touches (snow, Christmas lights, etc.), I had a finished cover.

You can find this album, and all the others, here...…

Original background sprites © Virgin
Bush sprite © Microforum
The rest © me
So... yeah. I meant to do this yesterday evening, but after falling ill and enjoying all the aches and hacking that comes with it, the idea slipped my mind.

Just wanted to wish every one of my followers, along with those who just randomly stop by, a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, a Joyful Kwanzaa, and of course, a Happy New Year. I also wanted to say a big "thanks" to everyone who's liked, favorited and watched my channel over the last year. I know things slowed down thanks to the holidays, work and such, but rest assured, I do have plenty of stuff to upload once I have the time (the folder with all of the signatures I've made for people over the years is unsettlingly large). In fact, I have an image I intend to upload later this evening.

Again, thanks for the interest in my stuff, for the comments, for the strange little llama badges, and I hope you all have a great end to 2014, and wonderful start to 2015.

- TC


The-Coop's Profile Picture
The Coop
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
So yeah, I finally joined up on this site. I've known about it for a while, but never gave it much thought until very recently, since I always had my own little website. But, I figured it was about time.

My main areas of work are graphite drawing, and pixel work. The former, I've been doing since I was in grade school. The latter, I started up as a hobby about ten years ago and stuck with it. I'm not that great at animating original characters, but with editing sprites and creating original backgrounds, I think I do pretty well. I've been a member of the OverClocked Remix community under the screen name "The Coop" for many years now, making remixes of older video game music (mostly of Sega Genesis games), and I still dabble in it once in a while. I've also been active on SEGA-16 under that same name, writing reviews for the site and making animated banners for it. I would have used "The Coop" here, but it was already taken, so I had to go with this variant.

So yeah, that's about the gist of it. I'll be uploading my stuff in chunks, and be trying to keep them organized. Hope you guys and gals will like some of what you see.

On a side note, I've been updating the video game mixes I've made over the years, and putting them on my YouTube account. You can listen to them, and any new ones I make, here...…


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